Because Art Should Be Dangerous

Who We Are

The Hydrocarbon Collective is a group of artists and engineers. Operating out of the Box Shop in San Francisco, we seek to create art that is dangerous, difficult, and challenging.

The Box Shop, SF

Torch Song

Torch Song is a kinetic fire art sculpture, currently under construction, in the form of a double tetrahedron. Each edge has an independently controlled flame that travels along the 8’ length. The effect is of a set of dancing flames that perform a synchronized ballet in response to music and inputs from observers.

Torch Song Model


In 2016, the homelessness problem in San Francisco became increasingly visible, with tent camps popping up around the city. We created Snapcamp, a fake app, website, and social media account, to draw attention to the misguided "hackathon" culture of relying on software to solve society's problems. Snapcamp also lampooned the clickbait media itself, by becoming an overnight but disposable hot button issue.

Articles about SnapCamp