Torch Song


Torch Song is composed of nine 8’ units, each housing a flame head that travels from one end to the other. The units will be assembled into a 15’ high diamond (a double tetrahedron), standing on one corner. The structure will be free-standing, supported from the center.

Each flame head moves independently along its own track, making the number of programs limitless: flames chasing along edges, moving in synchrony, building up patterns from simpler patterns. Some programs are accompanied by music and choreographed with them, hence the name Torch Song.

Torch Song is a collaborative effort between our members and the Burning Man community, and we need your help. Torch Song can play literally an infinte number of possibly programs (or "Songbooks"), controlling the speed, direction, and condition of each of its flames. We invite you to visit our Torch Song Simulator and help us write songbooks to use at Burning Man in 2017 and beyond.